Get your hiring questions answered.


Why Subscribe?

Use us only when you need us. No more headhunter fees. No need to hire an internal assistant. We offer bulk pricing for multiple jobs and long-term job slots.

Is the Hire Scene a Job Board?

No. We post to 50+ boards and offer premium job postings for an additional fee.

What Is the Difference Between The Hire Scene and Headhunters?

The Hire Scene offers more services than headhunters at unbelievable savings.

Do You Charge a Fee When the Offer Is Made?

No. We do not operate like headhunters. Rather than charge you up to 25% of first annual salary, we offer all of our services for one low rate. Your hiring process is quick, efficient, and puts you in control of your budget.

Does The Hire Scene Guarantee A Hire?

No. The Hire Scene will source, interview, and vet qualified candidates for your opening and present the top resumes and schedule interviews for you. You select your new employee.

Why Should I Use The Hire Scene Over Hiring Myself?

Let’s face it…you are probably responsible for benefits, training, payroll, conflict resolution, hiring, and recruiting. If you use a job board, you may spend as much as $400 and fill your inbox with “wannabes” that will take time to sift through. You don’t have the time and may not have the budget to hire an assistant for this task. The beauty of The Hire Scene Hirescription is using us when you need us. You can turn us on and off at your convenience, allowing you flexibility and budget control.

What If I Don’t Have Camera Capability?

No worries! With your first Hirescription, we will forward a camera to you at no extra charge.

Why Video Interviews?

Many passive candidates are unhappy with their current employment, but with mortgages to pay, and kids in college, they are hesitant to advertise their interest in jobs. Plus they do not want to use precious vacation time to interview. With video, they can interview without the concern for “outing themselves,” at a convenient time for them (24/7 with The Hire Scene), and save their vacation time for VACATION!

What Is a Hirescription?

Our Hirescription service is a monthly subscription where The Hire Scene assigns an HR assistant to you. Your assistant will post your opening to 50+ job boards, review every resume, including those you have received, video interview the top candidates, perform reference and background checks, skills test the candidates where applicable, present the top candidate resumes and schedule your interviews.