Change the way you hire.


The candidate Rolodex is a thing of the past.

You can’t count on knowing someone who knows someone to fill your skills gaps.

Every year it gets tougher to find the right candidate in a flood of also-rans.


The Hire Scene’s virtual hiring process is completely different.

We rake social media for highly qualified, passive candidates to quickly find that needle in a haystack.
We know exactly how to find the right people who are looking for a career move.


Here’s what we do

  • Post your job opening to more than one hundred job boards
  • Screen all resumes
  • Vet top candidates
  • Conduct video interviews
  • Verify references
  • Check background
  • Test skills


We compile this information into a candidate dossier for you.
You choose the candidates you want to interview and we’ll set up a video interview.
When you reach a decision, you extend the offer to the candidate you choose. We follow up with all of the remaining candidates.


See how we do video interviewing the right way.
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