I spent a great deal of time searching for employment once I moved back to North Carolina from Florida. I wish I could impress upon you how difficult it was to find work, even with a bachelor’s degree and some decent work experience. I searched for nearly a year, picking up what odd jobs I could from relatives, etc. I applied for literally hundreds of jobs. Most companies never bothered to reply, a handful would send thank you emails.

Then one day I saw an ad for a job fair at Cape Fear Community College, and The Hire Scene was one of the many places I gave my resume. I really didn’t expect anything from the job fair, but was pleasantly surprised when Angela, from The Hire Scene, called and asked me to come for a job interview within a few days.

I went for the interview, but I forgot to bring my brief and Angela kindly lent me hers so that I wouldn’t look so unprofessional. I was disappointed when the company turned me down for the position. However, another position came open within that company, Angela spoke with the hiring manager, and they said, “Yes!”

The hiring process was easy through YS Companies. The nice ladies who work there sat down with me and explained the job requirements, pay, sick/vacation days, etc, etc. They have an easy to use computer system for filling out the massive amount of paperwork that all the legal entities require these days.

The Hire Scene is very good with communication. I received emails and texts from them constantly, reminding me of important things I needed to know.

I have to say, it felt good to have such a great team backing me up all the way. And that is exactly how it felt; like I had a whole TEAM of people, working for me. The spirit of teamwork inspired confidence within me and I believe that confidence helped me land the job. I wouldn’t hesitate to call them first thing, if I should ever need a job (God forbid) again.

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